Create and manage innovative loyalty programs

In many parts of the world customers expect their card providers to offer a wide range of loyalty and reward programs.

In fact, many customers are increasingly choosing which card to use based on the rewards they receive. As the level of competitive intensity increases the need to rapidly create and operate innovative loyalty and reward programs is becoming a fundamental requirement.

Rapid Creation, Streamlined Management

SmartLoyalty from BPC Banking Technologies is a loyalty and reward program management solution that enables users to rapidly create and manage innovative loyalty programs. The solution is designed to build sophisticated issuer and acquirer programs quickly.

Flexibility to Create Tailored Programs

The solution allows users to easily create loyalty programs to retain customers and stimulate purchasing behaviour. Points can be calculated based on a wide range of parameters; including customer segment, transaction channel, merchant type, trans- action type and time of day, etc...

Loyalty and Mobile Devices

As the use of mobile devices for payments grows and as e-wallets gain market share, the importance of loyalty programs increases dramatically. Whereas previously card issuers could use the physical design of the plastic card to encourage brand loyalty, with electronic cards this is not possible.

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Fleet & Fuel

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has been developed to assist retailers handle the challenges easily, supporting the needs of fleet customers and consumers in an easy to use, rapidly installed and cost effective solution.


Digital Banking

BPC’s solution for internet and mobile banking ensures that you can deliver the same high levels of customer service across your internet and mobile channels.

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