Mobility & Transport

Understanding the ‘multi-channel’ aspect to create the experience people are looking for

The more digital technology we have the more we seem to travel. Mobility, like technology, has grown out of all imaginable growth patterns over the last twenty years. The more we can ‘virtually’ experience at ‘home’, the more we seem to wander around the world. The more we can achieve by working remotely, the more we fly around the world to do international business or jet through town to fit 20 meetings in a day. The more we order online, the more delivery traffic we see.

These are just some of the challenges governments around the world have to deal with. Smart infrastructure and in particular smart public transportation infrastructure is the way to go. Sharing means of transport, either public or private or a combination to make an end-to-end journey is on the top of national and local public agendas.

And that is merely the beginning for the masses of behavourial data that are available from passengers can teach us to offer better, more tailor fit services, better insights for more efficiency and inroad into a wider set of services to facilitate daily life beyond mobility.


Facilitating mobility is more than putting wheels on rails. It is all about understanding the need for transport and mobility, the logistics of the value chain from purchase to travel to checking out and data collection to offering a fair and secure – fraud free – network.

Solutions for mobility & transport


Automated Fare Collection

Master the challenges of frictionless fare collection. BPC delivers a convenient account-based ticketing system, using the latest technology to implement automated fare collection for public transportation.


Fleet & Fuel

SmartVista for Fuel Retailers has been developed to assist retailers handle the challenges easily, supporting the needs of fleet customers and consumers in an easy to use, rapidly installed and cost effective solution.

Transport & Mobility highlights

Connected networks
Location intelligence
Secure access for all
Smooth journey insights

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